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Annie's Heirloom Seeds

  • Chadwick Cherry Tomato

    Chadwick Cherry Tomato

    70 day.   Delicious, larger cherry tomatoes, these tomatoes grow 1 inch in size and grow in clusters of 6 tomatoes.  They have a great sweet and rich tomato flavor.  They are...

  • Purple Tomatillo

    Purple Tomatillo

    78 days.  A beautiful change of pace, these deep purple tomatillos make a spectacular salsa.  A little smaller than the verde tomatillo, they have a sweeter flavor than most tomatillos...

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  • Delicata Squash - Organic

    Delicata Squash - Organic

    95 day.  Cucurbita pepo.  Super sweet, tender, and delicious, Delicata is the squash for those who want easy, fast, and gourmet.  The skins are thin and can be eaten, so you only need...

  • White Icicle Radish

    White Icicle Radish

    21-32 days. Dating back to the turn of the last century, this mild, crisp radish has a 5-6 inch long tapered pure white root.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.  

  • Lavender, Vera - Organic

    Lavender, Vera - Organic

    Lavandula angustifolia vera.  2 feet tall.  Known for its beautiful scent, it has light purple flowers and gray-green foliage. The flowers can be used medicinally, both...

  • Basil, Greek - Organic

    Basil, Greek - Organic

    70 days. Also known as Ball basil, this beloved Greek variety is flavor-packed, easy to cultivate, and lovely in the garden. Greek basil is a compact heirloom favorite that matures to a round,...

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  • Champion Collard Greens - Organic

    75 days.  Developed from Vates for a more compact plant, this is a great variety for those with space constraints.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet.     PLANTING...

  • Roma II Bush Bean - Organic

    Roma II Bush Bean - Organic

    59 days.  Easy to grow and prolific, Roma II is a wonderful Romano bean.  Large, flat, delcious beans cook up beautifully for a real Italian treat.  With bush plants that require no...

  • Annie's Home Victory Garden

    Annie's Home Victory Garden

    During WWI and again during WWII, Americans took food production into their own hands as shortages threatened the US and Europe. Rural and urban gardening was encouraged in every available location...

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