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Often called Napa cabbage, these tall headed cabbages have crinkly leaves and a delicious, sweet, delicate, crisp and tender central vein to the leaves.   

  • Aichi Chinese Cabbage

    Aichi Chinese Cabbage

    70 days.  These barrel headed chinese cabbage are wonderful.  A staple in Asian cuisine, they are the main component of Korean Kimchee, Japanese soups, and Chinese egg rolls.    Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.   PLANTING...

  • Chirmen Hakusai Chinese Cabbage

    Chirmen Hakusai Chinese Cabbage

    50 days.  This loose heading variety is a wonderful multi-purpose cabbage.  It can be harvested for baby greens, is deliccious as a salad green, but is also most commonly used in stir fries.  It has beatiful, crinkly, light green leaves...

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  • Maruba Santoh Round Chinese Cabbage

    Maruba Santoh Round Chinese Cabbage

    30-40 days.  This fast growing, mild chinese cabbage looks somewhat like a bok choy, but has more cabbage flavor.  It has tender, mild, sweet stalks with delicious leaves.  It can be harvested at any stage, from baby greens to more full...

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