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Bulk Seeds

We only have a few varieties of seeds available in bulk at this time.  Limited quantities available for purchase.

  • Lucullus Swiss Chard - Bulk Lucullus Swiss Chard - Bulk

    Lucullus Swiss Chard - Bulk

    60 days.  Lucullus was named after the Roman general Lucius Lucullus who threw lavish parties in his garden which was located where the Italian Borghese gardens are today. It was released in 1914. It has crinkly, green leaves with white ribs. It is...

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  • Turkey Red Wheat - Bulk

    Turkey Red Wheat - Bulk

    Originally brought to the US in the 1870's from the Ukraine.  It was brought to Kansas by Mennonite immigrants.  An excellent variet for making your own bread.   Minimum of 1/2 lb    PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS:   Planting...

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  • Lobbericher Carrot - Bulk

    Lobbericher Carrot - Bulk

    60-70 day.  A large yellow carrot with a long tapered root, Lobbericher is an old European carrot.  Originally grown for livestock, it is now highly desired for it's pretty color and good flavor.   Minimum of 1800 seeds per packet...

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  • Diakon Radish - Bulk

    Diakon Radish - Bulk

    65 days.  Best planted in late summer, daikon radishes produce roots that can reach 15 inches long.  These radishes are slightly bitter, earthy, crisp and store well.  These can be used as a fall cover crop.  They grow down into the...

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  • Purple Barley - Bulk

    Purple Barley - Bulk

    Out of Stock A very old variety of barley that was almost lost to us, it has been brought back!  It is hulless, making it easy to use for the home gardener.  Use it in soups and stews, for brewing beer, or ground as a flour.   Minimum...

  • Einkorn Wheat - Bulk

    Einkorn Wheat - Bulk

    Triticum monococcum.  An ancient grain that dates back to the early cultivation in the fertile crescent.  It is a great livestock feed and for brewing beer, but is very difficult to hull.   Minimum of 1/2 lb of seeds.

  • Winter Rye - Bulk

    Winter Rye - Bulk

    A really useful cover crop, this is the gardener's friend.  Plant in the fall as a cover crop, it smothers fall weeds and adds organic matter to the soil.  A great choice for breaking up heavy soil, it sends out lots of deep roots that pull up...

  • Red Fife Spring Wheat - Bulk

    Red Fife Spring Wheat - Bulk

    Originally grown on the land of David Fife, this hard wheat is a Canadian heirloom that most of the modern wheats were developed from.  Thought to have originated in Turkey and brought to the Ukraine and grown by the Mennonites there.  The seed...

  • Common Oats - Bulk

    Common Oats - Bulk

    Oats are a great staple grain, delicious and hardy cooked into a porridge or breakfast cereal.  Oats can be grown as a feed grain for livestock or as a cover crop.  An excellent choice for a late summer planted cover crop.  Oats is a...

  • Cut and Come Again Lettuce Blend - Bulk Cut and Come Again Lettuce Blend - Bulk

    Cut and Come Again Lettuce Blend - Bulk

    One of the benefits of growing your own salad is having fresh salad greens.  Lettuce is so much better just picked, and this mix of leaf lettuces lends itself to beautiful and fun fresh salads.  Just go out, pick a few leaves of each kind, and...

  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot - Bulk

    Scarlet Nantes Carrot - Bulk

    68 day.  One of the most famous carrots, Scarlet Nantes dates back to the 1850's and was developed by the Vilmorin in France.  It is sweet and orange throughout.  It grows 6 inches long with a cylindrical shape and blunt tip...

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  • Cherry Belle Radish - Bulk Cherry Belle Radish - Bulk

    Cherry Belle Radish - Bulk

    26 day.   The standard radish, Cherry Belle is small, red, round, and full of traditional radish flavor.  Mild when grown in cool weather, but with that characteristic radish bite.   Minimum of 1000 seeds per packet.

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  • Little Marvel Pea - Bulk Little Marvel Pea - Bulk

    Little Marvel Pea - Bulk

    59-63 day.  An excellent, all purpose, bush variety pea.  It grows up to 30 inches tall and produces nice yields of tender, sweet shelling peas.  Good for fresh eating, canning or freezing.    Minimum of 500 seeds per...

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