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Bulk Seeds

Do you grow A LOT of vegetables?  Some of us just need to grow a lot of food and need larger quantities of seeds.  Do you preserve a lot of food?  Grow for your family and friends?  Sell at the Farmer's Market?  These are our larger, bulk, seed packages.

Minimum seeds per packet varies by item.  Please check each product description.

  • Annie's Lettuce Blend - Bulk

    Annie's Lettuce Blend - Bulk

    A beautiful mix of lettuces, reds and greens, romaines and leaf, frilly and flat leafed.  If you want a beautiful and interesting salad mix, or you just can't decide, this is the blend for you.    Minimum of 1800 seeds.   PLANTING...

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  • Cut and Come Again Lettuce Blend - Bulk

    Cut and Come Again Lettuce Blend - Bulk

    One of the benefits of growing your own salad is having fresh salad greens.  Lettuce is so much better just picked, and this mix of leaf lettuces lends itself to beautiful and fun fresh salads.  Just go out, pick a few leaves of each kind, and...

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  • American Purple Top Rutabaga - Bulk

    American Purple Top Rutabaga - Bulk

    90 days.  This is an American variety of a yellow Swedish rutabaga that dates back to the 1920's.  It has large yellow round roots with purple shoulders.  It's pale yellow, sweet and fine grained flesh cooks up orange...

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  • Annie's Radish Mix - Bulk

    25-35 day.  What a beautiful mix of colors! If you just can't decide, how about a mix of our favorites? Included is a mixture of the following: Pink Beauty Cherry Belle French Breakfast White Globe  Minimum of 1000 seeds

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  • Annie's Rainbow Carrots Mix - Bulk

    Grow a mixture of colors and flavors in this rainbow carrot mix.  Lunar White for mild sweetness, Scarlet Nantes for that traditional orange carrot, Jaune du Daubs for the richness and yellow beauty, and Dragon for it's wonderful purple color and...

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  • Annie's Rainbow Swiss Chard Blend - Bulk

    50-60 day. With all of their beautiful rainbow colored stems, this collection of Swiss chard is sure to please. Included is a beautiful mixture of orange, gold, magenta, white and red chard. Minimum of 1000 seeds per packet.   Planting...

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  • Basil, Genovese - Bulk

    68 day.  The standard Italian culinary basil.  It is a great herb to grow to season tomato sauce and all your Italian dishes.  It is the traditional basil used to make pesto.   Minimum of 1000 seeds.

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  • Black Beauty Zucchini - Bulk

    52 day.  Cucurbita pepo.  The traditional, dark green zucchini.  It is really flavorful, one of the best tasting zucchinis available.  It is very prolific as well, making it a favorite for generations.   Minimum of 150 seeds...

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  • Blue Lake Bush Bean - Bulk

    53-58 day.   Nice yields of long, straight, green pods.  One of the old standards, and for a good reason.  Nice flavor, and great yields, making it still used as one of the main commercial varieties.   Minimum of 500 seeds...

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  • Boone County White Corn - Bulk

    120 days.  One of the highest yielding white field corns for the central and southern parts of the corn belt.  It is also a good multi-purpose corn, good eaten fresh in the milk stage or left to be a dry corn.  It was originally grown for...

  • Boston Pickling Cucumber - Bulk

    57 days.  One of the old standards, Boston Pickling has been around since 1883.  It produces high yields of 6 inch cucumbers, perfect for pickling.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.   PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS:   Planting...

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  • Buttercrunch Lettuce - Bulk

    65 day.  A wonderful butterhead lettuce.  Tender, yet firm green leaves with little to no bitterness.  If you can only grow one kind of lettuce, this is an excellent choice.   Minimum of 1800 seeds per packet.   PLANTING...

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  • Cherry Belle Radish - Bulk

    Cherry Belle Radish - Bulk

    26 day.   The standard radish, Cherry Belle is small, red, round, and full of traditional radish flavor.  Mild when grown in cool weather, but with that characteristic radish bite.   Minimum of 1000 seeds per packet.

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  • Cilantro - Bulk

    55 day.  Traditionally used to flavor Mexican dishes, this herb has a distinct flavor that adds interest to salsas.  It can also be used to replace basil in your favorite pesto for an interesting variation on that traditional sauce...

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