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Bulk Seeds

We only have a few varieties of seeds available in bulk at this time.  Limited quantities available for purchase.

  • Annie's Rainbow Swiss Chard Blend - Bulk

    50-60 day. With all of their beautiful rainbow colored stems, this collection of Swiss chard is sure to please. Included is a beautiful mixture of orange, gold, magenta, white and red chard. Minimum of 500 seeds per packet.   Planting...

  • Golden Detroit Beet - Bulk

    55 day.  A yellow fleshed beet.  Golden beets are slightly sweeter and milder than red beets and don't stain, making Golden Detroit a great choice for kids.   Minimum of 1000 seeds per packet.   PLANTING...

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  • Hickory King White Corn - Bulk

    115 days. With its very large yellow kernels, Hickory King is a great roasting corn. It is also used for grits, cornmeal, and tortillas. It is especially good for hominy since the skins are easily removed by soaking.   Minumum of 350 seeds per...

  • Lobbericher Carrot - Bulk

    60-70 day.  A large yellow carrot with a long tapered root, Lobbericher is an old European carrot.  Originally grown for livestock, it is now highly desired for it's pretty color and good flavor.   Minimum of 1800 seeds per packet...

  • Lorelay Spinach - Bulk

    55 days.  Lorelay is a delicious mid season spinach.  It is more heat tolerant than most varieties and lasts longer into the summer before it bolts.  It is also sweet, with crinkly green leaves.   Minimum of 1000 seeds per packet...

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  • Reid's Yellow Dent Corn - Bulk

    85-110 days.  Reid's Yellow Dent Corn is the most popular open-pollinated yellow corn in the US.  It is one of the hardiest and productive corns ever developed.  It is especially suited to the corn belt, but is adaptable to almost every...

  • Winter Density Lettuce - Bulk

    Winter Density Lettuce - Bulk

    65 day.  Winter Density is best described as a tall butterhead, with some characteristics of a romaine.  It is crisp, sweet and delicious.  It is a good choice for overwintering in the garden.  It has dark green leaves and a densely...

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  • Red Russian Kale - Bulk

    Red Russian Kale - Bulk

    60 day.  Beautiful, deep purple tinged leaves with red veins and feathery shaped leaves, Red Russian is a nice kale to grow.  It is a bit more tender than the blue varieties, so it doesn't need as much cooking to become tender.  Kale...

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