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Lentils are a staple in Mediterranean cooking.  Grown throughout the Mediterranean region in the winter months, they are a wonderful choice for a cooler climate bean.  

  • Red (Pink) Lentil

    Red (Pink) Lentil

    80-110 One of the oldest beans in cultivation, red lentils date back thousands of years.  Red lentils break down upon cooking, making for a delicious, creamy yellow soup that is perfectly flavored with lemon juice and cumin.   Minimum of 120...

  • Pardina Lentils (Spanish Brown)

    Pardina Lentils (Spanish Brown)

    115 days.  Grown for generations in the Pyrenees region of Spain, these lentils were orignally brought to the United States in 1980.  They hold their shape when cooked and are a delicious addition to soups.  Lentils are a cool climate...

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  • French Green Lentil

    French Green Lentil

    100 days.  With dark green splotches on light green seeds, these lentils are both beautiful and delicious.  Known for its slightly mineral flavor, these French heirloom lentils retain their shape upon cooking and cook slightly faster than other...

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