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These are the original heirlooms, the flowers that grow wild along the roadside across our country.  A field of wildflowers is a thing of beauty.  Full of color, diverse in shapes and sizes, some live for a season while others reseed and yet others come back year after year.  These are the flowers the bees love, the flowers that attract butterflies and provide food for all the little bugs that are so important to our gardens.  Why not plant a plot to enjoy?  

  • Alyssum, Sweet Tall

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Reaching 16 inches tall, this beautiful alyssum is a great companion plant and wildflower.  It has small clusters of tiny white flowers, very delicate and beautiful.  It attracts beneficial insects and is a great companion...

  • Blue Flax

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Small, light blue flowers grow on green, spiny leaved plants.  It is a short lived perennial, flowering on the second year.  Each flower only lives for a day, but is replaced with another beautiful flower the next day. ...

  • Chinese Forget-Me-Not

    Beautiful little blue flowers cover these low growing wildflowers.  A good companion plant, they attract bees and butterflies.  They liberally self-seed, giving you beautiful flowers year after year.     Minimum...

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  • Clasping Coneflower

    Rudbeckia amplexicaulis.  An annual coneflower.  It looks like Black-eyed Susans or Mexican Red Hat, but it is in the clasping family, meaning the leaves slightly encircle the stem.  It has small yellow flowers with red centers that are...

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  • Crimson Clover

    Crimson clover is a beautiful annual wildflower, cover crop, and companion plant.  Like other legumes, it helps bring nitrogen into the soil, fertilizing your soil as it grows.  It grows quickly and has beautiful scarlet red flowers.  It...

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  • Four O'Clock

    Also known as Marvel of Peru, these are wonderful little flowers that were thought to have been exported from the Andes in 1540.  They open up in the late afternoon and have a wonderful fragrance.  The flowers are unique in that several colors...

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  • Lance Leaf Coreopsis

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 A member of the sunflower family, lance leaf coreopsis or tickseed, has beautiful small yellow flowers.  They almost look like yellow daisies.  They also attract beneficial insects.  18-36 inches tall.   Minimum...

  • Mexican Hat - Red Midget

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Ratibida Columnaris Red Midget. Also known as prairie coneflower, this beautiful wildflower can be seen along the roadsides in the American southwest.  It naturalizes easily and is a heavy bloomer with hundreds of flowers on a...

  • Plains Coreopsis

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 A beautiful wildflower, it has deep red centers on golden yellow flowers.  It flowers June through September.  It attracts beneficial insects.  Annual.  30-36 inches tall.   Minimum of 450 seeds per packet.

  • Poppy, American Legion

    Poppy, American Legion

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 The poppy grown in Normandy at the American WWII cemetaries, these beautiful red poppies are a sight to behold when planted in a mass planting.   30 inches tall.    Minimum of 100 seeds per packet.

  • Poppy, California Orange

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 You can see these beautiful bright orange flowers growing along the side of the road all along the Pacific Coast.  As companion flowers, they attract thripes and hoverflies.  They are hardy in warmer climates, but can be...

  • Purple Phacelia

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 One of the more interesting flowers, Purple or Lacy Phacelia has light purple flowers that can look like little worms or puffs of flowers.  They attract beneficial insects and are one of my favorite companion flowers.  Annual...

  • Scarlet Flax

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Originally from Algeria, it isn't a native wildflower, but an introduced one.  It has beautiful black edged, scarlet red flowers that bloom summer into fall.  Annual.     Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.

  • Wildflowers, Bee and Beneficial Insects Mix

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Do you want a collection of wildflowers that attract bees and beneficial insects to your garden?  This collection of wildflowers will give you beautiful color that all these wonderful insects love.  Best grown in a sunny...