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Small to medium sized and round, these are what most of us think of when we think of a tomato.  With a nice balance of acidity, richness and sweetness, slicers can be your best choice if you only have room to grow one tomato.

Sorry, we cannot ship organic seeds to Canada.

  • Annie's Organic Tomatoes Collection

    All of our tomatoes are great, but our organic tomatoes are some of our most unique tomatoes. These are our favorite certified organic tomatoes. Black, yellow, red, pink and green, beefsteak, cherry, paste and slicing - there's a little of everything to...

  • Black Prince Tomato - Organic

    Black Prince Tomato - Organic

    74 days. A beautiful black slicing tomato, Black Prince is sure to please.  It has smooth, 3-5 ounce fruits with brown shoulders and an orange-red blossom end.  It has that distinctive, rich, almost salty flavor of all black tomatoes...

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  • Burbank Tomato - Organic

    70 days.   Determinate. An excellent choice for both slicing and canning, Burbank produces medium-sized, red, round fruit.  It's also a great choice for drier climates.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.   PLANTING...

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  • Jaune Flamme Tomato- Organic

    Jaune Flamme Tomato- Organic

    70 day.  Jaunne Flamme is a beautiful, 2 inch, round, orange tomato.  It has some apricot flavors as well as some acidity.  It's a pretty addition to a mix of small salad tomatoes. Indeterminate.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...

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  • Rose de Berne Tomato- Organic

    75 days.  Beautiful, slicing tomato, these tomatoes are delicious as well.  Sweet and rich with a nice balance, these pinky red tomatoes are a nice choice for a medium sized tomato. Indeterminate.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...

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  • Rosso Sicilian Tomato - Organic

    80 days.  This Italian heirloom tomato is fun and delicious. It has a flat, but fluted shape that almost resembles a flower, and that great, rich Italian tomato flavor. It has a thin and delicate skin that can damage easily, so it really is to be...

  • Thessaloniki Tomato - Organic

    78 day.  This is my favorite slicing tomato.  The flavor is really sweet, but still complex and rich.  Red, round, medium-sized and delicious.  If you can only grow one tomato, this is an excellent choice. Indeterminate...

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  • Valencia Tomato - Organic

    Valencia Tomato - Organic

    76 day. With round, smooth bright orange fruit, this mid season slicing tomato is great for northern climates. A family heirloom from Maine, it is a rich, full flavored tomato with some pineapple-like undertones. Indeterminate.   Minimum of 25...

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  • Vernissage Yellow Tomato

    75 days.  This Ukranian heirloom is a real stand out in the garden.  It has really high yields of beautiful yellow tomatoes with green stripes.  They grow in clusters of golf ball sized tomatoes on large plants.  The tomatoes are...

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