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Crisp and sweet, fresh sweet corn is one of the special treats of summer.  But there are so many other types of corn.  Grow colorful flour corn, field corn for livestock feed, or popcorn for fun and delicious treats.

Sorry, we cannot ship organic seeds to Canada.

  • Fisher's Earliest Sweet Corn - Organic

    SOLD OUT 70 days.  Originally grown by Ken Fisher in Montana, this sweet corn is adapted to cooler climates.  It produces one ear per stalk on 5-6 foot tall plants.  Each ear has 10-12 rows of light yellow kernels.   Minimum of 50...

  • Floriani Red Flint Corn - Organic

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 100 days.  Over 200 years ago this corn was taken from North America to Italy, where it was grown for years for polenta.  It has come back to us, and is really special.  It is red, but has a coppery irridescence that is...

  • Golden Bantam Sweet Corn - Organic

    70-85 day.   A nice, heirloom yellow sweet corn.  The one from which most of the original hybrid yellow sweet corns were developed.  When picked at it's peak, it has a sweet, rich corn flavor that rivals any hybrid...

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  • Strawberry Popcorn - Organic

    102 day.  Strawberry popcorn is both decorative and delicious.  Cute, tiny ears with small, red, pointed kernels.  It pops up white, light and fluffy, smaller than most, but flavorful and fun.   Minimum of 50 seeds per packet...

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  • Tom Thumb Popcorn - Organic

    85 day.   Tom Thumb is a nice yellow popcorn.  Dwarf plants with small ears and golden kernels, it pops up light and fluffy.  Home grown popcorn is so flavorful, a real treat.  Grow some for your own enjoyment, but it also...

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