Annie's Garden Kits

  • Annie's Cool Crop Green Garden Kit

    Annie's Cool Crop Green Garden Kit

    Keep your garden plots and raised beds filled with crisp, delicious greens throughout the growing season this hardy collection. These fuss-free fast growers thrive in cool temps, each one reliable, and nutrient-packed. Each collection includes a packet...
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  • Annie's Cool Crop Root Vegetable Garden

    Annie's Cool Crop Root Vegetable Garden

    We love these mouthwatering root veggies in fall and early spring! Perfect for roasting and crisp, colorful salads, these heirloom beauties are bursting with flavor, highly nutritious, and easy to grow.  Each collection includes a packet of the...
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  • Annie's Cool Season Italian Garden

    Annie's Cool Season Italian Garden

    Direct sow our delectable collection of fast-growing Italian heirlooms in early spring or midsummer for a fall harvest. These superior seeds have been carefully selected for unrivaled flavor, vibrant color, and time-tested hardiness. Buon...
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  • Annie's Dream Garden Kit

    Annie's Dream Garden Kit

    This is our premium heirloom collection featuring 51 vegetables, 6 herbs, and 4 companions flowers – each one loved by customers coast to coast and our Annie’s team! Perfect for succession planting, this wonderful assortment includes...
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  • Annie’s Early Spring Garden Kit

    Annie’s Early Spring Garden Kit

    Twenty of our earliest springtime favorites in one convenient collection! Direct sow all these heirloom varieties before your last frost date for a splendid spring harvest including hardy root vegetables, crisp greens, sweet peas, crisp carrots, bright...
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  • Annie's Family Garden Kit

    Annie's Family Garden Kit

    If your family loves veggies or you want them to, this is the garden collection for you! Featuring 32 heirloom varieties including bright herbs, lovely companion flowers, garden fruit, and our best-selling vegetables, this bountiful garden will delight...
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  • Annie's Favorites Garden Kit

    Annie's Favorites Garden Kit

    We created this garden to showcase the diversity, deliciousness, fragrance, and beauty of our heirloom favorites. A splendid collection of 40 hardy, time-tested varieties from Europe, South America, and the US, Annie’s Favorites Garden features...
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  • Annie's Gift Gardens

    Annie's Gift Gardens

    Delight your favorite gardener with one of our beautifully packaged gift gardens! Choose from 15 options including gardens kits for every season, region, and garden size - each one carefully curated for color, flavor, hardiness, and optimal yields. Seed...
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  • Annie’s Ultimate Fall Garden Kit

    Annie’s Ultimate Fall Garden Kit

    Plant our newest cool crop garden mid-to-late summer for a splendid autumn bounty! This special collection of fall greens, root veggies, and brassicas is perfect for gardeners in the Midwestern, Northeastern, and Northwestern states. Expect stunning...
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  • Apothecary Garden Kit

    Apothecary Garden Kit

    Updated for 2024! Grow your own heirloom apothecary including 35 essential flowers, grains, herbs, spices, and roots with this convenient, cost-saving medicinal garden kit. See our book collection for some excellent medicinal gardening and home...
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  • Beginner's Garden Kit

    Beginner's Garden Kit

    A terrific assortment of 10 great tasting, easy-to-grow heirlooms for beginner gardeners of all ages. Good soil, sun, water, and a little care are all that’s needed to produce a lovely, robust harvest of mouthwatering veggies! Varieties included...
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  • Bug Out Garden Kit

    Bug Out Garden Kit

    Need a little help with natural pest control in your garden? Our handy Bug Out assortment includes five heirloom warriors that will protect your crops and attract pollinators while beautifying your plots and raised beds. This convenient collection...
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  • Bugs Be Gone Garden

    Bugs Be Gone Garden

    We carefully curated this stunning heirloom arsenal to attract and sustain native pollinators while repelling the gamut of garden pests. Plant these garden warriors to protect your crops while adding beauty and fragrance to your plots and raised beds...
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  • Companion Flower Garden

    Companion Flower Garden

    A gorgeous flower collection that will add jaw dropping color and dimension to your garden while attracting pollinators and banishing pests. Don’t let these hard-working beauties fool you – they are effective, robust, and reliable early...
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  • Culinary Herb Garden

    Culinary Herb Garden

    This convenient collection features our best-selling heirloom herbs - all easy to grow, hardy, and remarkably flavorful. Heirloom herbs are invaluable companion plants in your vegetable plots and beds, attracting pollinators and keeping pests away...
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