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A cross between a turnip and a cabbage, rutabagas are a root vegetable similar to a large turnip with golden flesh.  

  • Brassica Buddies Mix

    Brassica Buddies Mix

      When we were looking to plant a lot of cabbage, we raided the seeds and mixed up everything we knew would help deter cabbage moths.  And it did!  I like to plant rows of my brassicas (cabbage family), and then scatter the Brassica...

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  • American Purple Top Rutabaga American Purple Top Rutabaga

    American Purple Top Rutabaga

    90 days.  This is an American variety of a yellow Swedish rutabaga that dates back to the 1920's.  It has large yellow round roots with purple shoulders.  It's pale yellow, sweet and fine grained flesh cooks up orange...

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  • Wilhelmsberger Rutabaga Wilhelmsberger Rutabaga

    Wilhelmsberger Rutabaga

    90 day.  Known also as German Green Top, this rutabaga has golden yellow flesh covered by a green topped skin.  This heirloom is favored in markets in Germany and Northern Europe.  Rutabagas can be used instead of turnips, in stews, or...

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