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Who doesn’t love a nice, juicy slice of watermelon in the peak of the summer heat?  This sweet summer treat hails from Africa and thrives in hot and humid climates.  The larger watermelons really need a hot summer and plenty of water to reach their full potential.  But there are many smaller, shorter season watermelons that are excellent choices for those with cooler climates.  And if you live somewhere dry, you just need to take care to water well and amend your soil with plenty of organic matter to retain all that water so your watermelons can thrive.  I’ve even had a lot of luck growing Golden Midget Watermelons in a container filled with leaf compost and watered regularly.  If you are new to watermelons, then Sugar Baby is a good choice.  They’ve produced for me everywhere I’ve lived, and even produced when I forgot about them and they didn’t get all the care that watermelons really deserve.  

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