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Asparagus is a delicious treat, with tender spears poking through the soil in spring and early summer.  A perennial, it grows best in zones 3-8, and can take several years to your first harvest.

  • Argenteuil Asparagus

    A French variety that is traditionally raised for white asparagus.  It produces a nice green asparagus if the stalks aren't blanched.  To blanch, you need to cover your bed with a mound of dirt.  Once you see a shoot emerge, use a pointed...

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  • Connover's Colossal Asparagus

    An old American asparagus variety, Connover's Colossal has been almost lost.  The modern trend towards pencil thin asparagus has taken us away from the wonderful larger asparagus varieties.  Those small spears are from newer plantings, but once...

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  • Mary Washington Asparagus

     The traditional American asparagus.  Mary Washington produces well, with flavorful and tender stalks.  Expect to wait a year longer than some of the faster asparagus, but it's well worth the wait.   Minimum of 50 seeds per packet...