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Medicinal & Tea

Medicinal herbs have been used to treat common ailments for thousands of years. We keep a variety of them in our home, as a first line of defense before going to the doctor. They are typically supportive and restorative, and they are not intended to be a substitute for modern medicine in the treatment of any illness.

Sorry, we cannot ship organic seeds to Canada.

  • Borage - Organic

    Borage - Organic

    Borage is a wonderful companion plant in your vegetable garden.  Said to be an excellent companion tomatoes and squash, it has beautiful blue flowers and fuzzy leaves that are both edible and taste similar to a cucumber.  The flowers are an...

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  • Chamomile, German - Organic Chamomile, German - Organic

    Chamomile, German - Organic

    Matricaria chamomila.  German Chamomile is typically used in teas to aid in sleep. An infusion of the flowers can also be used to help with dampening off in seed starts.  It's also a beautiful flower and a great addition to any garden...

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  • Lemon Balm - Organic

    Lemon Balm - Organic

    A member of the mint family, lemon balm has a pleasant lemony scent and flavor. It is excellent in teas, and is traditionally used as a mosquito repellant. It is a smaller plant, growing more as a groundcover. Less so than catnip, it still can become...

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