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Originating in West Africa, cowpeas are a Southern favorite.  Grown for their dried seeds, they are very similar to dried beans.

  • California Black Eye Cowpea

    California Black Eye Cowpea

    75 days.  A southern favorite, this cowpea is very distinctive with it's creamy color and black eyes.  A New Year's tradition, these wonderful cowpeas can be eaten fresh or dried for winter eating.   Minimum of 80 seeds per packet.

  • Lady Finger Cowpea

    Lady Finger Cowpea

    70 days.  This is a cream-type cowpea with small, delicate, white seeds.  They are absolutely delicious, with a smooth, creamy texture and sweet, rich flavor.  This is the best tasting cowpea I've ever eaten.   Minimum of 80 seeds...

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