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People seem to either love it or hate it.  Heirloom broccoli is sweet and tender, unlike the bitter and stronger flavors of the modern hybrids.  Although we normally just think about the central head of the broccoli plant, it also produces side shoots throughout the entire season, providing a wonderful harvest of small florets every couple of days.  I love the delicate texture and more open florets of Di Cicco, which are something you just have to grow yourself to enjoy.  Broccoli also freezes well, so I like to plant a larger planting of Waltham 29 in the summer for a fall harvest.  And we can’t forget about broccoli raab or chinese broccoli, which are the same vegetable, just developed in a different part of the world.  They have wonderful, small florets with a pleasantly bitter flavor that is delicious roasted in the oven with garlic or sauteed in a stir fry.

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