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Sweet Peppers

Sweet peppers have no heat and when ripe a very sugary sweet flavor.  Traditionally called Italian frying peppers, they are wonderful raw, fried, sauteed or stuffed.

  • Alma Paprika Pepper

    70-80 day.  An excellent pepper for drying or for fresh eating.  It ripens from creamy white to orange to red and has a nice sweetness and a little heat.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

  • Corno di Toro Giallo Pepper

    Corno di Toro Giallo Pepper

    75-85 day.  Amazingly sweet, this long, thin, yellow Italian sweet pepper is both delicious and prolific.  Traditionally used as a frying pepper, this is the yellow strain of the Corno di Toro pepper.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...

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  • Corno di Toro Rosso Pepper

    75-85 day.  A long, thin, red Italian sweet pepper.  Very sweet and flavorful, they are traditionally used as a frying pepper.  I love the rich, sweet flavor.  A yellow strain of this pepper is called Corno di Toro Giallo...

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  • Marconi Red Pepper - Organic

    Marconi Red Pepper - Organic

    70-90 days.  With it's huge, 12 inch long red peppers, that are very sweet, Marconi Red is a wonderful choice for an Italian frying pepper.  An excellent choice for fresh eating or roasted or fried.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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  • Romanian Sweet Pepper

    75 days.  These beautiful peppers mature from a nice ivory color, to orange, to red.  Frequently you'll see all three colors on the plant at the same time.  They have a thick flesh and are very sweet.   Minimum of 25 seeds per...

  • Shishito Pepper - Organic

    60-75 days.  Small, wrinkly peppers that ripen red, Shishitos are one of our favorites.  They are sweet and delicious.  Just saute in olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and watch them disappear.  A favorite in Japan, they are great in...

  • Sweet Banana Pepper

    70 days.  Pickled banana peppers are a favorite on salads and sandwiches.  They get sweeter as they ripen, but let them go too long and they'll turn a brilliant red.  A fast pepper, good for cool climates.   Minimum of 25 seeds per...

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