Soil Blockers

Crafted in the UK from robust zinc plated steel, Ladbrooke Soil Blockers are eco-friendly, easy-to-use garden tools designed to simplify the process of growing and transferring seedlings. In addition to drastically reducing plant loss from root shock, this cost-effective system eliminates the need for plastic pots leading to a healthier garden and a less-cluttered greenhouse.

Soil blockers create multiple cubes of soil, each with an indent at the top to house your seed.  Seedling roots grow down into the soil block, which can then be transplanted into a larger soil block or directly into your garden.  Potting mix is both the container and the growing medium for your soil blocks.  There’s no need to remove the plant from the block, or for pricking out – simply pick up your block and place it into its next home.  This means healthy air-pruned seedlings and no plastic waste!

When looked after properly – cleaned after each use with water and hung to dry in a well-ventilated space – your soil blockers will last years, even generations.

Click here to view a helpful demonstration from our friends at Labdrooke!

  • Ladbrooke Maxi 1 Ladbrooke Maxi 1

    Ladbrooke Maxi 1

    The Maxi 1 is Ladbrooke's largest Soil Blocker, perfect for larger plants that need extra space to grow. It produces one 2" block with a square indentation that is ideal for transplanting seedlings started with the Mini 4 soil...
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  • Ladbrooke Micro 20 Ladbrooke Micro 20

    Ladbrooke Micro 20

    The ultimate hand-held seed starting block, the Micro 20 makes twenty 3/4" soil blocks at a time. Seedlings started in the Micro 20 can be transplanted into 2" blocks using the the Mini 4.  Plant directly into your garden or size up into...
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  • Ladbrooke Mini 4 Ladbrooke Mini 4

    Ladbrooke Mini 4

    The Mini 4 is the most versatile Ladbrooke soil blocker, producing four x 2" blocks with dibbled indentations for sewing your seeds.  Seedlings matured in Mini 4 blocks can be transplanted directly into your garden or potted up into 4" blocks...
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