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Who knew I’d love eggplant?  It was always one of those weird vegetables, and definitely not one that a picky eater would want to try.  But when I discovered heirlooms, I learned that I loved a lot of vegetables that I thought I didn’t like.  It wasn’t the vegetable, it was the hybrid varieties that I didn’t like.  And heirloom eggplants are very different from conventionally grown hybrid eggplants.  Heirlooms aren’t bitter at all.  They are almost sweet, rich, filling and delicious.  Our family loves them grilled, simply basted with olive oil, dusted with salt and grilled until brown and soft.  But they are also amazing roasted and then mashed with a delicious curry and served over rice.  And there’s always eggplant parmesan or using them in a delicious vegetable lasagna.  

Sorry, we cannot ship organic seeds to Canada.