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Herbs are the spice of life.  Culinary, in teas, or medicinally, herbs are a great addition to our gardens and our lives.  Herbs are also excellent companion plants, attracting the good bugs and driving the bad ones away.

Look for the carrot for the Annie's Favorites.

  • Poppy, Blue

    Poppy, Blue

    A Blue Breadseed poppy, this pretty flower is both beautiful and delicious.  Use the seeds to make poppy seed muffins or anywhere you want some of that great poppy seed texture. 24-36 inches tall.    Minimum of 100 seeds per packet.

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  • Calendula - Oopsy Daisy

    Calendula - Oopsy Daisy

    Beautiful and functional, calendula are wonderful flowers to grow.  Also known as pot marigold, calendula is not a marigold, but a flower in the daisy family.  These beautiful flowers are typically used medicinally for their anti-inflammatory...

  • Oregano, Greek

    Oregano, Greek

    80 days. The original oregano, it has smaller leaves and a spicier flavor than it's newer cousin, Italian oregano. Can be invasive.   Minimum of 300 seeds.

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  • Lavender, Vera - Organic

    Lavender, Vera - Organic

    Grown for it's beautifully scented flowers, lavender is very versatile plant.  It is beautiful as a perennial in a flower bed with it's feathery spikes of light purple flowers above it's gray-green foliage, but it's flowers are excellent dried for...

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  • Parsley, Giant Italian - Organic

    Parsley, Giant Italian - Organic

    70 days.  With huge, beautiful, dark green leaves, this variety is one of the best culinary parsleys.  It has a great flavor and strong stems that stand up well to frost and is one of the best varieties for fresh eating and drying...

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  • Basil, Greek - Organic

    Basil, Greek - Organic

    Out of Stock 70 days.  Also known as Ball basil, Green basil has tiny, hot, spicy leaves and grows into little balls, looking like tiny topiaries.  It's cute, decorative and distinctive.     Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.

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  • Basil, Dark Opal - Organic

    Basil, Dark Opal - Organic

    80 day.  Purple basil has been around since the late 1800's, and is really a beautiful addition to your garden.  It has deep purple leaves with lavender flowers.  A great herb to add to flavored oils or vinegars, and a wonderful contrast...

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  • Lemon Balm - Organic

    Lemon Balm - Organic

    A member of the mint family, lemon balm has a pleasant lemony scent and flavor. It is excellent in teas, and is traditionally used as a mosquito repellant. I Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.

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  • Korean Licorice Mint

    Korean Licorice Mint

    A wonderful perennial mint with heart-shaped leaves, purple flowers, and a delicate licorice scent. Does not spread like other mints - grows in small clumps and remains in place. Delicious in salads and sautéed vegetables. Use as a tea to...

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  • Poppy, Heritage Farm

    Poppy, Heritage Farm

    Amazingly beautiful double pink blooms.  I had a mix up and there are a few Chima family seeds in the batch, but I think it is worth it to have these beauties.  The seeds can be used for cooking or baking.  One of my favorite parts of the...

  • Tobacco, Aztec (Wild)

    Tobacco, Aztec (Wild)

    SOLD OUT FOR 2021 Grown by the Native Americans for smoking and ceremonies, wild tobacco contains more nicotine than modern cultivars. Tobacco is a source of nicotine sulfate, a natural insecticide for controlling aphids, thripes, white flies and mites...

  • Milk Thistle

    Milk Thistle

    Perennial, hardy in zones 2-8. Milk Thistle is a member of the Aster family, with beautiful light purple flowers. The young shoots can be eaten like asparagus, and the down from the seeds can be used to stuff pillows. The leaves and seeds are...

  • Lemon Mint

    Lemon Mint

    Although a member of the mint family, this is actually a bee balm or monarda, monarda citriodora. It has beautiful light purple flowers with a lemony scent when the leaves are crushed. It is frequently made into teas, but can be used in savory cooking...

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  • Hops


    Traditionally used to flavor and preserve beer, hops provides the bitterness and aroma that gives beer its unique flavor profile. A lot of modern varieties have been developed for the beer industry, and if you are after a specific flavor profile, those...