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Herbs are the spice of life.  Grown not as a stand alone vegetable but for their wonderful flavor, culinary herbs add interest to almost any dish.  From basil pestos, dill pickles, and herbed potatoes, to cilantro salsas and sage stuffings, herbs add flavor to everything we love to eat.  I have heard it said that you know you are in for a good meal if there is an herb garden outside the kitchen door. 

But herbs are more than just flavor, they are also traditionally used medicinally.  Many of our favorite culinary herbs can also be used to enhance our health, aiding in digestion of difficult to digest vegetables or helping us fight a cold.  I have observed that many of our favorite herb and vegetable pairings work well together in that way as well.  Moms through the centuries figured out how to prevent a tummy ache or make someone with the flu feel better through the right meal.  Some herbs are just used medicinally.  Made into teas, the are used to help our bodies fight diseases and aid in healing.  A lot of these herbs also deter bugs in the garden and are a wonderful way of driving off the bad bugs that eat our vegetables.

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