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One of the most loved vegetables, carrots can produce from summer through fall, and can even be overwintered and enjoyed in the spring.  

There are a few pitfalls with growing carrots, but if you choose the right variety for your soil conditions, plant in a well weeded bed, and keep the seeds well watered until they are established, you will enjoy carrots throughout the whole season.  

Sorry, we cannot ship organic seeds to Canada.

  • Halblange Parsnip - Organic

    Halblange Parsnip - Organic

    120 days.  This German parsnip produces uniform, 10 inch, delicious white roots.   Minimum of 150 seeds per packet.   PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS:   Planting Depth: 1/2 inch Plant Spacing: 3-4 inches Row Spacing: 12-18...

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  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot - Organic

    Scarlet Nantes Carrot - Organic

    68 day.  One of the most famous carrots, Scarlet Nantes dates back to the 1850's and was developed by the Vilmorin in France.  It is sweet and orange throughout.  It grows 6 inches long with a cylindrical shape and blunt tip...

  • Little Finger Carrot - Organic

    Little Finger Carrot - Organic

    60 day.  This is a great carrot.  It can be harvested young for baby carrots, or left to grow out for larger carrots.  At full size, it has 1 inch wide and 5-6 inch long, blunt tip carrots.  They are crisp and sweet and make for...

  • Danver's Half Long Carrot - Organic

    Danver's Half Long Carrot - Organic

    70 day.  A nice crisp orange carrot with a strong carrot flavor.  It maintains a lot of it's flavor even when cooked.  It grows 5-6 inches long with a pointed tip and is a good choice for denser soils.   Minimum of 150 seeds per...

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  • Red Cored Chantenay Carrot - Organic

    Red Cored Chantenay Carrot - Organic

    70 day.   A very sweet and crisp orange carrot with wide shoulders tapering to a point.  It is also a shorter carrot, approximately 6 inches, making it a great choice for denser soils.   Minimum of 150 seeds per packet.

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