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Artichokes & Cardoon

Artichokes, the unripe flowers of the artichoke plant, have a tender core and delicate flavor.  A perennial in zones 7 and above, they can be tricked into producing in the first year down to zone 5 or overwintered with protection.  Cardoon is grown for the tender stalks of the artichoke plant.

  • Green Globe Artichoke

    Green Globe Artichoke

    88 day.  Green Globe produces nice, large, green globe shaped artichokes. Artichokes are perennials in zones 7 and above, but Green Globe can be grown as an annual in lower zones.   Minimum of 50 seeds per packet.   PLANTING...

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  • Gigante di Nizza (Giant of Nice) Cardoon

    Gigante di Nizza (Giant of Nice) Cardoon

    At customs, check back periodically. The famous 'Hunchback' strain of cardoon with thick, almost spineless stems.  Blanching the stems for two weeks prior to harvest ensures tender and deliciouis stalks.  Just wrap in newspaper or a floating...