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Pole Shelling

Pole beans are a great way to save space in the garden, as they will grow to great heights when trellised properly.  They also grow up off the ground out of the weeds and are free to blow in the wind late in the season, speeding the drying time and preventing moldy seeds.

Look for the carrot for the Annie's Favorites.

  • Cannellini Pole Bean

    Cannellini Pole Bean

    90 days.  Also known as the white kidney bean, this Italian bean was brought to the US in the 1800s.  It has a rich, nutty flavor, and is the primary dry bean used in Italian cooking.   Min. 20 seeds per packet.  

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  • Cherokee Trail Of Tears Bean

    Cherokee Trail Of Tears Bean

    85 days.  This is the bean that was carried by the Cherokee Indians from Georgia to Oklahoma when they were driven from their homeland.  A nice black pole bean, it can also be eaten as a snap bean.   Minimum of 20 seeds per packet...

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  • Good Mother Stallard Bean

    Good Mother Stallard Bean

    85-95 day.   A wonderful pole shelling bean, Good Mother Stallard is both beautiful and delicious.  It has an excellent meaty rich flavor that is great in soups and stews.   Minimum of 20 seeds per packet...

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  • Hidatsa Shield Figure Bean

    Hidatsa Shield Figure Bean

    90 days.  From the Hidatsa tribe from the Missouri valley in North Dakota and was described in Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden, this is one of the most beautiful shelling beans.  Pale cream with a gold saddle, it is very distinctive as well as...

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  • Little Nuns Pole Bean - Organic

    Little Nuns Pole Bean - Organic

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Grown by Italian immigrant, Angelo Pellegrini, these delightful gray and white beans are creamy and smooth with great flavor.  They also hold their shape when cooked, making them a wonderful multi-purpose shelling bean...

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  • Tarbais Pole Bean

    Tarbais Pole Bean

    90 days.  Tarbais Beans come from the southern French village of Tarbais, and are known for their extremely thin skin, which makes them easier to cook. They are also known for being delicious and are easier to digest because of their lower starch...

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