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Everyone knows about radishes.  They are sliced on salads at restaurants or placed on a raw vegetable plate to be eaten with ranch dip.  Some people love the horseradish heat and crisp texture.  They are a welcome contrasting bite in a salad.  But they are so much more than that.  They can be pickled as they are in Japanese cuisine with daikon radishes that are mild and almost sweet.  They can be roasted, which is my favorite, where they lose all their heat and take on an almost brussels sprouts flavor.  With how fast, easy and reliable they are to grow, roasted radishes can become a wonderful spring addition to your first garden harvests.  Sliced thinly and sauteed they can be added to any stir fry, adding their beautiful color and cabbage like flavor.  Radishes can be so much more than just a salad garnish.  

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