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Gardening Supplies

  • Attracting Beneficial Bugs

    Companion planting is one of the best ways to grow organically.  These plants attract all the beneficial bugs that love to feast on the bugs that cause so many problems in the vegetable garden.  This book contains all the ins and outs of...

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  • Blank Seed Envelopes - 10

    SOLD OUT If you save your own seeds, these envelopes are a great way to stay organized.  They are easy to write on, and the pressure-seal closure is both resealable and easy to use.  These also make great gifts, filled with your own seeds and...

  • Bloembagz - 3 gallon in Assorted Colors

    I love these pots.  They are really beautiful, coming in bright orange, green, teal and red, and a combination is a fun and happy sight.  They are made from recycled pop bottles, and are amazing for your plants.  They breath, and that air...

  • Bloembagz Herb Pot

    Bloembagz Herb Pot

    This beautiful little planter will work outside or inside.  The planter is fabric made of recycled pop bottles, which makes for an excellent breathable pot.  The roots of your plants are much healthier when grown in these pots.  If you...

  • Copper Fungicide

    Blight is a common problem for tomato growers, and sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate.  It is best to use good practices, thinning your tomatoes, removing diseased leaves, and watering at the base of the plants to prevent excess moisture...

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  • Diatomaceous Earth - 1/2 pound

    SOLD OUT One of nature's pesticides, it looks like a fine powder, but it is actually dried little sea creatures that have really sharp edges.  Sprinkle it over your plants and the bugs and worms will cut themselves and dehydrate. 

  • Dipel Dust (Ships Separately)

    Dipel Dust (Ships Separately)

    I always struggled with cabbage worms destroying my cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower until someone suggested Bt (Bacillus Thuringiensis).  It is a natural soil-born bacteria that is toxic to the worms, but harmless to humans.  Just sprinkle a...

  • Grow Your Own Herbs

    This beginner's guide to growing 40 different culinary herbs contains all the herbs I love to grow and use.  There are some really easy herbs to grow, but some can be tricky, and this book tells you all you need to grow to successfully grow all the...

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  • Harvest Apron

    Harvest Apron

    Are you like me and always using your shirt to carry in all the produce you find in the garden?  And then my shirt gets stretched out, full of stains, and eventually I drop veggies, too.  These aprons are the perfect solution.  You have...

  • Hori Hori Knife

    Sam begged me to get these knifes for you.  She loves hers and wanted you to be able to have one too!  They are great multi-tools.  Use them to cut and dig up stubborn weeds, dig holes for transplants, make trenches, or whatever else you...

  • Insect Barrier Cloth

    The ultimate way to control cabbage moths and any bugs that fly in to eat your plants.  I like to make a PVC hoop house and clip it on to the PVC pipes, making a nice little greenhouse to grow my cabbages in.  Light and water get through, the...

  • Let It Rot!

    I am always amazed at how complicated people make compost.  It is easy, a pile of rotting stuff.  But there are ways to make it work well, not smell, rot quickly, and produce a balanced soil.  This book addresses all these concerns in a...

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  • Nail Brush

    Are your nails always dirty like mine?  I wear gardening gloves, but they don't take care of all the dirt.  This brush does.  It is make of natural fibers, and is a great compromise between tough enough to get the job done, but gentle...

  • PVC snap clamps (10/order)

    These are great little clips that clip greenhouse fabric to PVC.  Make a simple hoop house out of 1/2 inch PVC and use these to tack whatever greenhouse covering you want to it.  Plastic for the colder times, shade cloth for the heat of summer,...