• Ice Queen Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)

    Ice Queen Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)

    Slow to bolt, cold tolerant, heat tolerant, crisp, and delicious – Ice Queen brings it all. A hardy cut and come again variety with exceptional flavor! 250 seeds minimum Germination: 7-14 days Maturity: 80 days Direct sow 1/8-1/4" deep in...
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  • Iceberg Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)

    Iceberg Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)

    A dinnertime staple for decades, Iceberg lettuce is famous for its mild, refreshing taste and crisp, satisfying crunch. This signature American heirloom forms tightly packed, cabbage-like heads that grow best under cool conditions. 250 seeds...
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  • Organic Red Velvet Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)

    Organic Red Velvet Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)

    A garden and salad bowl stunner! Frilly deep red leaves with a touch of green – crispy, crunchy, and delicious. Plants form loose heads and are slow to bolt. Cut and come again variety. 250 seeds minimum Germination: 5-10 days Maturity: 50-55...
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  • Pablo Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)

    Pablo Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)

    Pablo is a beautiful Batavian variety yielding large, loose heads of ruffly, ruby-tinged leaves. This disease resistant heirloom thrives in hot and cool regions. Exceptionally flavorful and crisp. 200+ seeds minimum Germination: 7-14...
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