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Seasonal Gardens

  • Cool Crop Green Garden

    Cool Crop Green Garden

    Keep your garden plots and raised beds filled with crisp, delicious greens until the end of the growing season with this hardy collection. Replace your summer crops with these fuss-free fast growers and watch them thrive as the temperatures start to dip...

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  • Cool Crop Root Vegetable Garden

    Cool Crop Root Vegetable Garden

    We love these mouthwatering root veggies in the autumn! Perfect for roasting and colorful autumn salads, these heirloom beauties are bursting with flavor, highly nutritious, and easy to grow.  Each collection includes a packet of the...

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  • Annie’s Ultimate Fall Garden

    Annie’s Ultimate Fall Garden

    Plant our new cool crop garden mid-to-late summer for a splendid autumn bounty! This special collection of fall greens, root veggies, and brassicas is perfect for gardeners in the Midwestern, Northeastern, and Northwestern states. Expect stunning color,...

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  • Late Season Italian Garden

    Late Season Italian Garden

    Direct sow our newest collection of Italian heirlooms mid-to-late summer for a stunning fall harvest. These superior seeds have been carefully curated for unrivaled flavor, vibrant color, and time-tested hardiness. Buon appetito!  Each...

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