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Zinnias are a wonderful companion flower.  I found them to be an excellent trap plant for Japanese Beetles in my bean planting.  They are also good for detering tomato hornworms and attracting beneficial insects.  Overall a beautiful and excellent choice to plant all around the garden.

  • Zinnia - Thumbelina Mix - Organic

    Zinnia - Thumbelina Mix - Organic

    With small pompon flowers in an assortment of colors, Thumbelina is a fun zinnia to grow.  Petite plants with petite flowers, it's a good variety for containers and for cut flowers.   Minimum of 100 seeds per packet.

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  • Zinnia - Pompon Cut and Come Again

    Zinnia - Pompon Cut and Come Again

    Just like the Cut and Come Again Zinnia but with more petals, this zinnia will grace your garden with beauty in bright shades of pinks and reds and yellows.  I love zinnias because they also attract Japanese beetles, making it easy to just walk...

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  • Zinnia - California Giant Mix

    Zinnia - California Giant Mix

    With it's huge blooms in reds, yellows and pinks, these are wonderful zinnias.  A great companion in your garden for beans, they add welcome color.  They are also an excellent cut flower, with their long stems.    6-8 weeks, 36-40...

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