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This sweet summer treat hails from Africa and thrives in hot and humid climates.  The larger watermelons really need a hot summer and plenty of water to reach their full potential.  But there are many smaller, shorter season watermelons that are excellent choices for those with cooler climates.  

Look for the carrot for the Annie's Favorites.

  • Moon and Stars Red Watermelon

    Moon and Stars Red Watermelon

    95 day.  A large, old American heirloom watermelon that was almost lost.  One man saved this beautiful melon for all of us to enjoy.  The rind is dark green with a large yellow 'moon' and many speckled 'stars.'  The flesh is deep red...

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  • Crimson Sweet Watermelon Crimson Sweet Watermelon

    Crimson Sweet Watermelon

    88 day.  Crimson Sweets are large, 20-25 pound watermelons with sweet red flesh and a light and dark green striped rind.  The vines can grow up to 10 feet, so this is one variety that needs room to grow.   Minimum of 25 seeds per...

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