Royal Burgundy Bush Bean


55 day.   Royal Burgundy beans are nice and straight and round.  They are easy to pick because the dark beans stand out against the green foliage.  The beans are really firm and crisp, and are a good choice for canning or for those who like firm beans.  Deep purple when raw, they cook up dark green.


Minimum of 80 seeds per packet.

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Best "Green" Bean.....Ever
Written by Steve on 23rd Jun 2013

I love it, my daughter loves it because it looks cool, changes color when you cook it and tastes great. It keeps us stocked all summer long.

Very Prolific
Written by Christopher O'Clair on 11th Aug 2012

These beans are incredibly prolific, are beautiful in the garden and delicious on the plate. They are lovely freshly steamed or sauteed, and also can very well. We bought the rainbow bean mix, and of the 4 these are our very favorite.