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Swiss Chard

Closely related to the beet, Swiss chard is grown for its delicious leaves instead of the root. We grow lots of chard as a summer replacement for spinach. It is great sautéed with garlic and balsamic vinegar, or mixed in mashed potatoes. Our daughter Annie says it is her favorite vegetable.

Minimum 150 seeds per packet unless otherwise noted in the product description.

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  • Annie's Baby Swiss Chard Blend
    $2.50 Annie's Baby Swiss Chard Blend
    Do you love swiss chard or spinach salads?  This mix of swiss chards includes varieties that are excellent as baby greens as well as full sized plants.  Harvest these wonderful greens all summer, enjoying the great...
  • Annie's Rainbow Swiss Chard Blend
    $3.00 Annie's Rainbow Swiss Chard Blend
    50-60 day. With all of their beautiful rainbow colored stems, this collection of Swiss chard is sure to please. Included is a beautiful mixture of Fantasia Orange, Golden, Magenta Sunset, Fordhook Giant, and Red Rhubarb...
  • Barese Swiss Chard
    $2.50 Barese Swiss Chard
    28 day.  Intended for baby production, Barese grows quickly and has glossy, dark green leaves and thick white stems.  It is also good if allowed to grow out.   Minimum of 150 seeds per packet...
  • Fantasia Orange Swiss Chard
    $2.50 Fantasia Orange Swiss Chard
    53-60 day. With dark, shiny green leaves and bright orange carrot-colored stems, this Swiss chard is a show stopper. It has savoyed leaves and delicious crisp stalks.   Minimum of 150 seeds per packet...
  • Fordhooks Giant Swiss Chard
    $3.00 Fordhooks Giant Swiss Chard
    60 day.  A traditional swiss chard with huge but tender leaves.  It has a great flavor, more sweet than most and less bitter.   Minimum of 150 seeds per packet.
  • Golden Swiss Chard
    $3.50 Golden Swiss Chard
    30-60 days.  I absolutely love this swiss chard.  It's beautiful, with it's bright golden colored ribs with deep emerald leaves, and it's flavor is equally wonderful.  Harvest at 30 days for baby swiss chard,...
  • Magenta Sunset Swiss Chard
    $2.50 Magenta Sunset Swiss Chard
    53-60 day. A heat tolerant variety, Magenta Sunset has bright magenta-colored stalks that are tender and delicious. It has almost flat leaves when picked as a baby green and slightly savoyed leaves as it matures...
  • Perpetual Spinach Swiss Chard
    $2.50 Perpetual Spinach Swiss Chard
    60 day. A cut and come again Swiss Chard.  It is mostly grown for the young leaves.  It is similar in flavor to fresh spinach, but has the advantage of being much less sensitive to heat than spinach...
  • Red Rhubarb Swiss Chard
    $2.00 Red Rhubarb Swiss Chard
    50-60 day.  This Swiss Chard looks almost like rhubarb with it's red stalks and green leaves.  It has a nice mild flavor, and is less bitter than other swiss chards.  And it cooks up beautifully, with...