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Heirloom peas are so sweet right off the plant that many of them get eaten before they even get to the house. We love them in all kinds of dishes, from scrambled eggs, to pea soup, to curry. Snow peas are great too, fantastic pea flavor without the hassle of shelling. Both shelling and snow peas thrive in cool weather, so start them early to get a good crop before the heat of the summer. In the south, they are a great winter crop.

Cowpeas are a much loved vegetable of the South, thriving in warm climates. Related to beans, they can be eaten fresh or dried.

Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

Minimum 80 seeds per packet unless otherwise noted in the product description.

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  • California Black Eye Cowpea
    $2.00 California Black Eye Cowpea
    75 days.  A southern favorite, this cowpea is very distinctive with it's creamy color and black eyes.  A New Year's tradition, these wonderful cowpeas can be eaten fresh or dried for winter eating.   Minimum...
  • Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea
    $3.00 Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea
    57-60 day.   Dwarf Grey Sugar is a multi-purpose pea.  An excellent variety for Asian cooking, the peas are flavorful and sweet.  And it produces a large number of tendrils that are excellent sauteed with...
  • Golden Sweet Pea
    $2.50 Golden Sweet Pea
    60-70 days.  Six foot tall vines with purple flowers produce lemon yellow pea pods.  Pick the pods at 3-3.5 inches for best flavor.   Minimum of 80 seeds per packet.
  • Guard-N Seed Inoculant
    $8.00 Guard-N Seed Inoculant
    Guard-N Seed Inoculant is used to naturally improve the yields of your legumes.  The inoculant helps the plants convert nitrogen in the air into a usable for for the plant, allowing the plants to create their own...
  • Laxton's Progress #9 Pea
    $2.50 Laxton's Progress #9 Pea
    60 days.  With short vines and plump pods, Laxton's Progress produces heavy yields of shelling peas.   Minimum of 80 seeds per packet.
  • Lincoln Pea
    $2.50 Lincoln Pea
    65-70 day.  My favorite shelling pea.  Lincoln has straight pods filled with tender, sweet peas.  One of the sweetest peas I've raised.  It has a nice, bush growing habit, high yields, with easy to...
  • Little Marvel Pea *
    $2.50 Little Marvel Pea *
    59-63 day.  An excellent, all purpose, bush variety pea.  It grows up to 30 inches tall and produces high yields of tender, sweet shelling peas.  Good for fresh eating, canning or freezing...
  • Mammoth Melting Snow Pea
    $2.50 Mammoth Melting Snow Pea
    68-72 day.   Mammoth Melting Snow Pea lives up to it's name.  Huge, tender, deliciously sweet snow peas grow on 5 foot tall plants.  A climbing pea, this one needs to be trellised.  An excellent...
  • Mississippi Silver Cowpea
    $3.00 Mississippi Silver Cowpea
    60 days.  Also known as Brown Crowder Cowpea, this is the earliest of the cowpea varieties.  It produces very easy to shell peas on bush plants with the pods set at foliage height, making them easy to pick. ...
  • Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea *
    $2.50 Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea *
    60-70 day.  A really nice, bush type, snow pea.  It produces large, flavorful, tender pea pods with good yields.  It's best harvested young, so make sure to harvest daily.  Although not necessary, it...
  • Wando Pea
    $2.50 Wando Pea
    68 days.  An excellent spring pea, it germinates well in the cold and is the most heat tolerant of the shelling peas.  A great choice for those with short springs, who need to have a more heat tolerant pea...