• Sugar Snap Pea (Pisum sativum)

    Sugar Snap Pea (Pisum sativum)

    Sugar Snap Pea (Pisum sativum) Our most popular snap pea! Sweet, tender 3” pods grow on sturdy vines reaching 5-6’. Delicious fresh from the garden, steamed, and frozen! Sugar Snap loves cool temperatures. 40 seeds...
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  • Tom Thumb Pea (Pisum sativum)

    Tom Thumb Pea (Pisum sativum)

    Tom Thumb Pea (Pisum sativum) This English heirloom’s short stature ensures it lives up to its name. Reaching just 8” tall, the Tom Thumb is perfect for container growing! Use it for shelling or enjoy its fresh pods, which taste tender...
  • Wando Pea (Pisum sativum)

    Wando Pea (Pisum sativum)

    Wando Pea (Pisum sativum) Wando is a weather-proof warrior – cold and heat tolerant, hardy, and prolific. Tasty, crisp pods filled with 7-8 peas thrive on sturdy plants that reach 24-30” tall. Terrific for both short spring regions and...
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