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Heirloom grains are packed with flavor and nutrition, unlike their modern counterparts.  Although they have lower yields, these wonderful grains are well worth the effort.

  • Common Oats

    Common Oats

    Oats are a great staple grain, delicious and hardy cooked into a poridge or breakfast cereal.  Oats can be grown as a feed grain for livestock or as a cover crop.  An excellent choice for a late summer planted cover crop.  Oats is a...

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  • Japanese Buckwheat

    Japanese Buckwheat

    Although classified as a grain, buckwheat is not a true grass and is unrelated to wheat.  A great choice for gluten intolerant people, it contains no gluten.  Used in Japan for soba noodles, in Northern Europe for blinis or porridge, it is a...

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  • Red Fife Spring Wheat

    Red Fife Spring Wheat

    Originally grown on the land of David Fife, this hard wheat is a Canadian heirloom that most of the modern wheats were developed from.  Thought to have originated in Turkey and brought to the Ukraine and grown by the Mennonites there.  The seed...

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  • Winter Rye - Organic

    Winter Rye - Organic

    A really useful cover crop, this is the gardener's friend.  Plant in the fall as a cover crop, it smothers fall weeds and adds organic matter to the soil.  A great choice for breaking up heavy soil, it sends out lots of deep roots that pull up...