Blue Lake Bush Bean


53-58 day.   With nice yields of long, straight, green pods, Blue Lake is one of the old standards, and for a good reason.  Nice flavor, and great yields, making it still used as one of the main commercial varieties.


Heirloom is a minimum of 80 seeds per packet.

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poor luck in Florida
Written by Peggy Snead on 14th Nov 2017

Me and My gardening friend did not do well with this variety in Central Florida on the coast. We use raised beds, both had poor growth and little yield.

Best Harvest Ever
Written by undefined on 11th Jan 2015

Last year I ordered this variety of green beans and was surprised to get so many beans off of two rows. I put up 34 quarts and couldn't be happier. I will be ordering these again for my 2015 garden.

Best Over All Bean
Written by on 10th Jan 2015

There is nothing bad to say about this bean...the taste is great, grows easy and very high yield. My daughters love eating these beans right off the plant when they're outside playing.

Best Green Beans Ever
Written by Janet on 28th Apr 2013

These are the best green beans I have ever eaten. I would recommend them to everyone. I planted them late, but still got a good yield. My only problem was that I didn't plant enough. This year will be different!

Excellent Mid-South Bean
Written by David on 1st Nov 2012

The past two years have seen temps climb into the low 100's here in North Mississippi. While other bean and cow-pea varieties floundered in the July and August heat, this green bean thrived drought conditions to go on and produce several bushels of beans. I am sure if it had ample rain they would have doubled their production. The description here at Annie's does the Blue Lake justice as they do produce ample quantities of beans that indeed have excellent flavor. Only stopped growing them as my local vendor stopped carrying the seeds. So I am re-ordering seeds for this next season in hopes of getting in two crops planted in 2013.