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Other Flowers

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  • Alyssum, Carpet of Snow
    $2.00 Alyssum, Carpet of Snow
    With it's carpet of tiny white flowers, this low growing annual is a great choice for borders or edging.  It has a nice scent and is fairly drought tolerant, but requires almost full sun to thrive.   Minimum of...
  • Aster, Single Rainbow
    $2.00 Aster, Single Rainbow
    Cheery blooms on cute little plants, they look like little daisies in multiple colors of whites, pinks, purples and reds.  It blooms summer through fall.   Minimum of 100 seeds per packet.
  • Baby Blue Eyes Wildflower
    $2.00 Baby Blue Eyes Wildflower
    Also known as California Blue Bells, this beautiful American wildflower is a perfect annual groundcover.  Absolutely beautiful in a periwinkle blue with a white center, these flowers grow best in partial shade.  6...
  • Bachelor Buttons, Tall Mix
    $2.00 Bachelor Buttons, Tall Mix
    Centaurea.  Beautiful button-shaped flowers grace these fun wildflowers.  Originially found in the grain fields of England, they are now mostly grown as ornamental and cut flowers.   9 weeks, 36 inches...
  • Borage
    $2.00 Borage
    Borage is a wonderful companion plant in your vegetable garden.  Said to be an excellent companion tomtoatoes and squash, it has beautiful blue flowers that are edible and taste similar to a cucumber.  The flowers...
  • Butterfly Milkweed
    $3.50 Butterfly Milkweed
    There are several varieties of milkweed that are suitable hosts for Monarch butterflies and this is the most beautiful and garden friendly variety.  With beautiful bright orange flowers, it is a joy to look at in your...
  • Calendula - Orange King
    $3.00 Calendula - Orange King
    Beautiful and functional, calendula are wonderful flowers to grow.  Also known as pot marigold, calendular is not a marigold, but a flower in the daisy family.  These beautiful flowers are typically used...
  • Calendula - Pacific Beauty Mixture
    $2.00 Calendula - Pacific Beauty Mixture
    These beautiful Calendula have a range of colors of large flowers on straight stems.  It's a more heat tolerant variety than most calendula.   15 inches tall.   Minimum of 50 seeds per packet...
  • Celosia, Crested Mix
    $2.50 Celosia, Crested Mix
    I love the look of these little cockscomb flowers.  In shades of yellows, reds and pinks, they look like little feathery brains.  A beautiful and fun border plant, or grow for cut flowers to grace your table...
  • Chamomile, German
    $2.00 Chamomile, German
    Matricaria chamomila.  German Chamomile is typically used in teas to aid in sleep. An infusion of the flowers can also be used to help with dampening off in seed starts.  It's also a beautiful flower and a great...
  • Chinese Houses Wildflower
    $2.00 Chinese Houses Wildflower
    A California native wildflower, these beautiful bicolor, purple and white, annual flowers can be grown almost anywhere in north America.  They are loved by bees and are a host for the Checkerspot Butterfly so are a...
  • Clarkia Mix
    $2.00 Clarkia Mix
    Beautiful pink, purple, red and white flowers cover 18-24 inch tall plants.  They are absolutely beautiful in a mass planting and are a good garden plant or for cut flowers. Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...
  • Cosmos, Bright Lights
    $2.00 Cosmos, Bright Lights
    What fun flowers to grow.  Bright Lights Mixture is a tall flower with lots of lacy foliate and beautiful flowers in shades of oranges and yellows.  Cosmos are easy to grow annuals, that really just need to be left...
  • Cosmos, Diablo
    $3.00 Cosmos, Diablo
    Diablo is my favorite cosmos, with it's beautiful bright orange flowers, it adds a unique color to a flower bed.  It isn't as tall as many cosmos, and fits nicely into a lot of locations.  Cosmos are easy to grow...
  • Cosmos, Sensation Mixture
    $2.00 Cosmos, Sensation Mixture
    What fun flowers to grow.  Sensation Mixture is a tall flower with lots of lacy foliate and beautiful flowers in shades of pink.  Cosmos are easy to grow annuals, that really just need to be left alone.  The...
  • Five Spot Wildflower
    $2.50 Five Spot Wildflower
    A relative of Baby Blue Eyes, these beautiful white flowers with 5 purple spots edging the petals grace these 12 inch tall wildflowers.  A hardy annual that grows fast, blooms profusely and dies back at the first frost,...
  • Four O'Clock (Mirabilis)
    $2.50 Four O'Clock (Mirabilis)
    Also known as Marvel of Peru, these are wonderful little flowers that were thought to have been exported from the Andes in 1540.  They open up in the late afternoon and have a wonderful fragrance.  The flowers are...
  • Garland Chrysanthamum Greens
    $2.00 Garland Chrysanthamum Greens
    30-50 days.  With it's beautiful, edible, yellow flowers, and delicate lacy foliage, this is a nice addition to your salad garden.  The whole plant is edible, from it's leaves to it's flowers, with a mild flavor...
  • Heliotrope, Marine
    $3.50 Heliotrope, Marine
    Heliotropium arborescens.  A very unique flower from the Victorian era, it has deep purple flowers that are a cluster of very small blooms with dark green foliage.  Known for it's wonderful vanilla scent, it is...
  • Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Polygonum)
    $2.50 Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate (Polygonum)
    Polygonum.  This flower was grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.  It is a quick growing annual that grows 5 to 6 feet tall with bright pink flower clusters.  It will self-seed, so look forward to years of...

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