Early Jalapeno Pepper


70-80 day.  A wonderful Mexican hot pepper.  It is both hot and flavorful and can be used in anything from salsa to roasted stuffed peppers to jalapeno poppers.  It is dark green, ripening to red, and is used both fresh and dried.  Traditional they are also dried and then smoked to make chipotles.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Spicy and productive
Written by Megan on 16th Jan 2015

I grew these peppers from seed indoors iand then transplanted to the garden. I became known as the pepper lady around town, I was always giving jalapenos away because they were so productive - and I still made lots of salsa and pickled jalapenos to boot! One of my friends decided to crunch one raw as a snack and was in fits from the heat - he said it was the hottest jalapeno he'd had from a Michigan garden. I thought it was a 'typical' heat, but I guess a lot of folks in the area have fairly mild jalapenos.