Contender Bush Bean *


50 day.  Huge yields of tender, flavorful green pods.  This is my favorite bean all purpose bean.  Throughout the years I have grown many beans, but I keep coming back to this wonderful old favorite.  It has a great, rich and flavorful bean flavor, and stays tender even when large.  The top beans grow straight, but the lower beans tend to curve when they are near the ground.


Heirloom is a minimum of 80 seeds per packet.

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Written by Angie on 26th Dec 2015

Cannot believe the amount of beans these plants produced! Pest resistant and easy to grow. Beans had great flavor and texture. Wonderful steamed fresh as well as canned.

Great Producer!
Written by Rachael Homkes on 10th Dec 2015

We were swimming in these beans by the end of the gardening season! Once they started producing, they never stopped. Plenty of beautiful, great-tasting beans for fresh eating, and LOTS for freezing as well. They taste great frozen as well. Love these beans! They outproduced my rows of Blue Lake Bush beans by quite a bit. Not the straightest bean, so if canning is your #1 priority, these may not be your top choice.

Wonderful Green Bean!
Written by Melissa Carlson on 18th Feb 2015

Love this bean! One plant produced 25 beans at once!

Excellent Bush Bean
Written by Laura K on 14th Sep 2013

These are great. We had more green beans than we could eat most of the spring and summer. Great taste and blanche and freeze well also. We will certainly buy these again for next year!

Great bean overall!
Written by Sue in MN on 28th Nov 2012

I grew these for the first time this past summer. Great flavor, almost blemish-free, heat/disease resistant, nice and crisp, compact plant that produces wonderfully. Picked beans every other day and plants kept going until October. I am doubling my # of plants next year, they were sooo good. Definitely worth trying!

Hardworking Plants!
Written by jen in michigan on 21st Aug 2011

I planted Contender beans approximately June 1 and began to harvest about six weeks later. The plants have been extremely vigorous and disease free and have tolerated very well the many days of 90+ degree weather we've had in Michigan this year, although I did water from time to time. They have been producing daily for over a month and are beginning to wind down. The flavor and texture of the beans can't be beat. I will replant this variety next year.