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Short Day

Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

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  • Barletta Onion
    $2.00 Barletta Onion
    70 day.  Small, early white pearl onion.  Sweet and mild, it is traditionally used in stews or pickled.  It's a good choice for fresh bulb onions.  It's labeled a short day onion, but it is such a...
  • Bianco di Maggio Onion
    $2.00 Bianco di Maggio Onion
    80 days.  The classic cipollini onion.  It is white, with a mild, sweet flavor.  It can also be grown out for a small early season onion.  Short to Intermediate day.   Minimum of 250 seeds per...
  • Early Texas Grano Onion
    $2.00 Early Texas Grano Onion
    180 day. Released in 1944 and a parent of all the super sweet onions including the Vidalia, Early Texas Grano is a sweet, flavorful onion with a yellow skin and white flesh. Short keeper. Intermediate to Short day...
  • Red Burgundy Onion
    $2.00 Red Burgundy Onion
    100 day. With a mild, sweet flavor, and large red skinned and fleshed bulbs, this is exactly what you expect from a red onion. A great choice for salads or hamburgers. This is an excellent keeper. Short day.   Minimum...
  • Rossa Lunga di Firenze Onion *
    $2.00 Rossa Lunga di Firenze Onion *
    100-120 day.  A long, red, torpedo shaped onion with a wonderful, mild, sweet flavor.  A great salad onion and a wonderful onion in potato salad.  Short to Intermediate day, it produces smaller bulbs in the...