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Only Heirloom Varieties - No Hybrids - No GMOs - Family Owned and Operated



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  • Barletta Onion
    $2.00 Barletta Onion
    70 day.  Small, early white pearl onion.  Sweet and mild, it is traditionally used in stews or pickled.  It's a good choice for fresh bulb onions.  It's labeled a short day onion, but it is such a...
  • Evergreen Bunching Onion *
    $2.25 Evergreen Bunching Onion *
    What a great onion.  All onions can be used as young, green onions before they form a bulb, but Evergreen Bunching far outshines them for intense flavor.  It's well worth growing some for the amazing flavor it...
  • Heshiko Bunching Onion
    $2.25 Heshiko Bunching Onion
    A beautiful Japanese bunching onion.  It is an excellent choice for overwintering.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet.
  • Red Bunching Onion
    $2.25 Red Bunching Onion
    A beautiful pink and red tinged traditional French scallion.  Home grown green onions are so much more flavorful than the bland grocery store varieties.  Be sure to grow some to enjoy one of the first vegetables of...