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Brussels Sprouts

Home grown brussels sprouts are wonderful. Sweet and flavorful instead of bitter, these little cabbages only get sweeter after a frost. An excellent vegetable to extend your growing season.

Minimum seeds per packet varies by item.  Please check the individual product descriptions.

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  • Catskill Brussels Sprouts
    $2.00 Catskill Brussels Sprouts
    85-110 day.  Introduced in 1941, Catskill produces good yields of large, dark green sprouts. It’s a good choice for freezing as well as fresh eating.   Minimum of 100 seeds per packet.
  • Falstaff Brussels Sprouts
    $2.75 Falstaff Brussels Sprouts
    90 days.  A beautiful purple brussels sprout, it stays purple even when cooked!  It has a mild, slightly nutty flavor.  This long season brussels sprout is difficult to bring to maturity.  Not for...
  • Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts
    $2.00 Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts
    100 day.  Dating back to the 1890's, Long Island Improved is one of the most popular varieties of Brussels Sprouts.  Home grown Brussels Sprouts don't compare to commercial sprouts, tender, sweet and mild, rather...