Borage is a wonderful companion plant in your vegetable garden.  Said to be an excellent companion tomtoatoes and squash, it has beautiful blue flowers that are edible and taste similar to a cucumber.  The flowers are an excellent addition to a salad.


Minimum of 50 seeds per packet.

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Fantastic Companion
Written by Jenn on 8th Sep 2014

We suffered from squash beetles last year, and an "old farmer" said to try this BEFORE doing any kind of organic/non organic spraying or pest control for them. Not only did this little beauty grow beautifully,with little to no care, not a squash beetle was to be found on any of the cucubits! It also drew many more bees and pollinators to the garden so the cucumbers, squash, pumpkins did fantastic. It smells great, is edible, and is certainly a "plant of interest" to anyone who has entered the garden. Well worth the money to put a few packets into the garden!