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Seed Saving And Preserving

After you harvest all those delicious vegetables and save the seeds, you need to store them for the next year.  These are the things I use to bag up the potatoes and onions, and package and store the seeds.

  • Blank Seed Envelopes - 10

    If you save your own seeds, these envelopes are a great way to stay organized.  They are easy to write on, and the pressure-seal closure is both resealable and easy to use.  These also make great gifts, filled with your own seeds and decorated...

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  • Dessicant (5 packets)

    These small dessicant packets are great for making sure all the moisture is removed from your mylar bags.  They are small, but perfect for each of the Small Mylar Seed Bags.  Includes 5 dessicant packets.

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  • Harvest Apron

    Harvest Apron

    Are you like me and always using your shirt to carry in all the produce you find in the garden?  And then my shirt gets stretched out, full of stains, and eventually I drop veggies, too.  These aprons are the perfect solution.  You have...

  • Large Mylar Seed Bag

    These large food grade mylar bags are a great way to hold your seed bank.  Just place all your smaller bags in this large zip lock closure bag, and you know your seeds are safe and contained for when you need them.

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  • Seed Storage Boxes

    Seed Storage Boxes

    Keep your seeds neat and organized with these seed storage boxes.  They are the perfect width for a standard size seed packet.  We use hundreds of these in our warehouse to store seeds that are ready for shipment.

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  • Small Mylar Seed Bag

    These small food grade mylar bags are great for holding our small seed packets.  They have a zip lock closure and can hold several of our seed packets.  Each bag measures 5 x 7 inches.

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  • Ball Blue Book

    The Ball Blue Book is the standard for canning and freezing.  All tried and tested recipes with detailed instructions so that you can can jams, jellies, canned fruits, salsas, pickles, vegetables, meat and soups as well as freezing any vegetable,...

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  • Gardening Sieve

    I have been looking for something like this for years, ever since I started cleaning up lettuce seeds.  A handy sieve with three different meshes, fine to coarse.  The manufacturer says to use it to filter compost, but I can see a lot of other...

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  • Onion/Potato Storage Bags

    Harvest season always brings with it a new set of problems, like how to store all those onions and potatoes and garlic.  I like to store them in these 5 pound onion bags.  The onions and potatoes can breath, but are contained in easy to use...

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