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Vegetable Gardens

  • Advanced Seed Saver's Garden

    Advanced Seed Saver's Garden

    Seed saving can be tricky, and this collection includes both the easy and some of the harder to save vegetables.  Some need to be overwintered, others are more difficult to prevent cross pollinating, and yet others are difficult to harvest.  We...

  • Annie's Favorites Garden

    Annie's Favorites Garden

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Sure to please, this collection of our favorite vegetables is a great place to start with heirloom vegetables.  Each collection includes a packet of each of the vegetable seeds listed below.   All Year Round Lettuce Amish...

  • Annie's Salsa Garden

    Annie's Salsa Garden

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Rebecca's sister Annie loves her salsa garden!  This garden has the tomatillos, tomatoes, and peppers you need for all kinds of delicious salsa, and of course some cilantro to finish it off. Ancho (Poblano) Pepper Cilantro Early...

  • Beginner's Garden

    Beginner's Garden

    With just 7 fun, easy, rewarding vegetables, this is a great way for the beginner to get started.  Soil, water, and possibly a trellis is all you need to harvest delicious beans, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, lettuce and basil. Contains one packet...

  • Easy Overwintering Garden

    Easy Overwintering Garden

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 These are my really easy and rewarding overwintering vegetables. They are the ones that I always plant because they are so easy to overwinter and taste so great come next spring! This collection contains Spinach, Sorrel, Swiss Chard,...

  • Fall Brassica (Cabbage Family) Garden

    Fall Brassica (Cabbage Family) Garden

    The cabbage family thrives in the cool temperatures of the fall. Start them in the summer and watch them grow and mature once the cool weather sets in. They get nice and sweet after your first frost. This collection contains Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts,...

  • Fall Greens Garden

    Fall Greens Garden

    I love growing fall greens! Most greens get bitter and bolt in the heat of the summer but they do so well once it gets a bit cooler. They are really an easy way to extend your gardening season. This collection contains Bok Choy, Lettuce, Spinach, Collard...

  • Fall Roots Garden

    Fall Roots Garden

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Roots are a great thing to grow in the fall. Plant them in the warmth of late summer and they continue to grow and produce throughout the fall. This collection contains Beets, Carrots, Turnips, Parsnips and Radishes.   Includes one...

  • Grandpa John's Garden

    Grandpa John's Garden

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Grandpa John was Audrey's grandfather.  He was the family gardener, growing all the vegetables for his family and his kids and grandkids.  Audrey has told me stories of his garden and produce and all the work she did helping...

  • Julie's Dream Garden

    Julie's Dream Garden

    Every year I dream of the garden I want to grow.  This is my garden, full of my favorites and the things that I love to grow.  With 51 vegetables, 6 herbs, and 4 companion flowers, it has everything you need to grow an amazing garden.  I...

  • Kathi's Organic Garden

    Kathi's Organic Garden

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Kathi's been gardening for years, mostly in raised bed planters, but also some at her local community garden.  Like the rest of us at Annie's, she gardens organically.  This garden is packed full of all organic seeds, the...

  • Lia's Container Garden

    Lia's Container Garden

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Lia is my 10 year old daughter, and she gardens mostly in containers.  We end up filling up the garden, and she has to garden wherever she can, which usually means finding every pot we have available to tuck anywhere she can find a...

  • Simple Seed Saver's Garden

    Simple Seed Saver's Garden

    Would you like to start saving your own seeds?  Do you want to have a seed bank of easy to grow and save seeds?  This collection includes some of the easier vegetables to save your own seeds.  We've included the basic information on saving...

  • Summer Direct Seed Garden

    Summer Direct Seed Garden

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Don't want to bother with starting seeds indoors?  Do you want all direct seeded vegetables?  These are simple, easy vegetables to grow and enjoy all summer long.  Beans, corn, squash, greens, roots, herbs and companion...

  • Rebecca's Family Garden

    Rebecca's Family Garden

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 If your family loves veggies, or you want them to, then this is the garden for you.  Rebecca helped design this wonderful garden with a wide variety of amazing vegetables that will feed your family all summer long and even into...