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Vegetable Gardens

  • Annie's Home Victory Garden

    Annie's Home Victory Garden

    With everyone being stuck at home, the old WWI and WWII Victory Gardens are making a comeback.  This is a modest garden of easy to grow, direct seeded vegetables.  A great garden for beginners, with mostly easy to grow veggies.  All are...

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  • Seed Saver's Garden

    Seed Saver's Garden

    Being dependent on an unreliable food supply has become a concern.  This is our answer.  These are all relatively easy vegetables to grow and save seeds from.  They were chosen to not only be reasonable to save seeds from, but also to...

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  • Annie's Favorites Garden

    Annie's Favorites Garden

    Sure to please, this collection of our favorite vegetables is a great place to start with heirloom vegetables.  Each collection includes a packet of each of the vegetable seeds listed below.   Dark Red Kidney Bean Contender Bush...

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  • Julie's Dream Garden

    Julie's Dream Garden

    Every year I dream of the garden I want to grow.  This is my garden, full of my favorites and the things that I love to grow.  With 51 vegetables, 6 herbs, and 4 companion flowers, it has everything you need to grow an amazing garden.  I...

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  • Beginner's Garden

    Beginner's Garden

    With just 7 fun, easy, rewarding vegetables, this is a great way for the beginner to get started.  Soil, water, and possibly a trellis is all you need to harvest delicious beans, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, lettuce and basil. Contains one packet...

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  • Annie's Family Garden

    Annie's Family Garden

    If your family loves veggies, or you want them to, then this is the garden for you.  This wonderful garden has a wide variety of amazing vegetables that will feed your family all summer long and even into early winter.  With 32 different...

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