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Fruit Seeds

Not many fruits can be started from seed.  Most are produced by cuttings.  These are a few of the old fruits that can be started from seeds.

Alpine strawberries are the original wild strawberry.  They are tiny little strawberries are packed with sweetness and flavor.  There really is no comparison to their large, modern day cousins.

Look for the carrot for the Annie's Favorites.

  • Garden Huckleberry

    An African nightshade, these little black berries have a sour flavor between a blueberry and a grape.  They require sweetening like rhubarb and are excellent as a jam or preserve.  Be careful to only eat fully ripe fruit.  Any green on the...

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  • Goji Berry

    Native to China, Goji Berries have been called a superfood because they are packed with nutrients.  They have a sweet and tart flavor and are good fresh or dried.  They are difficult to start from seed and require a lot of care, but once...

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