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There are so many wonderful tomato varieties out there, and it's hard to pick just one, and why would you want to?  Our tomato collections allow you to try a wide variety of tomatoes.  Plant just a few of each and enjoy all the wonderful variety that heirloom tomatoes provide.

  • Annie's Favorite Tomatoes Collection

    Can't decide?  Grow some of each of my favorites.  Black Krim for that excellent black tomato flavor, Thessaloniki because it's so sweet and good, Chadwick cherry tomato because it's early, rich, flavorful and hardy, Amish Paste for excellent...

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  • Annie's Organic Tomatoes Collection

    All of our tomatoes are great, but our organic tomatoes are some of our most unique tomatoes. These are our favorite certified organic tomatoes. Black, yellow, red, pink and green, beefsteak, cherry, paste and slicing - there's a little of everything to...

  • Heirloom Tomato Lover's Collection

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 A little of everything, this collection will make you the envy of everyone you know. Red, pink, yellow, orange, black, it covers a rainbow of colors, sizes, textures and flavors. From huge beefsteaks to the tiniest cherries, this...

  • Italian Tomatoes Collection

      After tomatoes were brought back to Europe from the New World, Italy was the country that adopted the tomato more than any other.  From sun-dried tomatoes, to sauces like marinara, to fresh uses like bruschetta, Italian tomatoes are as...

  • Northern Tomatoes Collection

    With a shorter growing season, those of us in the north appreciate tomatoes that are fast to production - but we still desire great tomato flavor.  This collection is both early and flavorful.   10 seeds of each of the following...

  • Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes Collection

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 There's nothing prettier than a bowl of brightly colored cherry tomatoes.  Grow this collection for a variety of shapes, sizes and colors!  Collection includes 10 seeds of each of the following varieties: Black...

  • Southern Tomatoes Collection

    With hot, humid summers, people in the south are looking for tomatoes that thrive in heat and resist cracking.  Most of these varieties were developed for southern growers and all will perform well in heat and humidity. 10 seeds of each of the...