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Seed Starting Supplies

It has taken years to find the perfect way to start all our vegetables indoors.  These are the pots and start mixes that we use.  Ones that work and produce beautiful plants.

  • 6-Cell Inserts (quantity of 4)

    6-Cell Inserts (quantity of 4)

      The economical way to start your seedlings, these little cells work for smaller starts.  If you want your tomatoes to get larger indoors, you'll want to transplant or start with the larger black plastic pots.  They fit perfectly in the...

  • 72 cell Greenhouse

    72 cell Greenhouse

      An easy way to get started with starting your own plants.  This greenhouse has 72 small cells, the base and a clear plastic dome to maintain moisture and warmth.  All you have to provide is the soil and seeds and you are on your way.

  • Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat

    Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat

      This seedling heat mat is an excellent way to improve both the speed and rate of germination of your seedlings.  This waterproof heat mat increases the soil temperatures 10-20 degrees above ambient room temperatures, making your seeds happy...