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Annie's Heirloom Seeds

  • Oregano, Greek

    Oregano, Greek

    80 days. The original oregano, it has smaller leaves and a spicier flavor than it's newer cousin, Italian oregano. Can be invasive.   Minimum of 300 seeds.

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  • White Wonder Cucumber

    White Wonder Cucumber

    60 days. Introduced in 1893, this old white cucumber is an excellent slicing cucumber. I love white cucumbers with their mild, non-bitter skin and sweet flavor. Minimum of 25 seeds...

  • Imperator 58 Carrot

    Imperator 58 Carrot

    75 days. This old variety was an AAS winner back in 1933. Excellent for fresh eating and for storage, it produces large, blunt ended carrots.   Minimum of 300 seeds...

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  • Futosko Cabbage

    Futosko Cabbage

    Dating back to 1760, this cabbage was developed in the Futog region of Serbia. It is still grown today and is one of the European protected varieties. It produces cabbages with higher...

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  • Amager Cabbage

    Amager Cabbage

    140-150 days. This Ukranian heirloom cabbage is grown for storage and for making sauerkraut. Plant them early because they take all season to reach maturity. It produces large,...

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  • Atlantic Broccoli

    Atlantic Broccoli

    At customs, check back later this month. 75 days. This is a fast growing variety, well suited to the cooler climates by the northern Atlantic coast. Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...

  • Chinese Bok Choy

    Chinese Bok Choy

    40-50 days. This is the large, traditional bok choy with white veins and dark green leaves.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.     PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS:   Planting...

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  • Tsu In Asparagus Bean

    Tsu In Asparagus Bean

    75-80 days. Beautiful dark red to purple beans that are nearly stringless and cook up black, a great selection for an interesting Chinese long bean.   Minimum of 40 seeds per...