Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberry *

Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberry *

Pale yellow, and sweeter than the red strawberries, they are a fun strawberry to grow.

Minimum 50 seeds per packet.

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Best tasting berries I've ever had!
Written by Beth Meurer on 11th Jan 2015

I was looking for a strawberry that was an old variety and read that these yellow ones were less attractive to birds and thought I'd try them. Even though these are very little, they pack a big punch. I also love how they produce all summer long, even through the fall. There's not a large quantity, but they're perfect for when I'm just walking through the yard and I can grab a few and eat them right there. The best thing, though, is that the birds don't get them. My red strawberries, which are planted right next to them, the birds keep getting.

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