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Turnips, Rutabagas, and Watermelons

Sorry, we cannot ship organic seeds to Canada.

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  • Cream of Saskatchewan Watermelon - Organic
    $4.00 Cream of Saskatchewan Watermelon - Organic
    80-85 day.  Originally from Russia, Cream of Saskatchewan was brought to Canada by Russian immigrants.  It was developed to produce melons in cool climates with short growing seasons and is an excellent choice...
  • Crimson Sweet Watermelon - Organic
    $3.50 Crimson Sweet Watermelon - Organic
    88 day.  Crimson Sweets are large, 20-25 pound watermelons with sweet red flesh and a light and dark green striped rind.  The vines can grow up to 10 feet, so this is one variety that needs room to grow...
  • Joan Rutabaga - Organic
    $3.75 Joan Rutabaga - Organic
    90-100 days.  Joan is a refined American Purple Top rutabaga with a smooth, round root and dense, yellow flesh that is hard and crisp.  Rutabagas are a cool weather crop, best grown in fall, and they improve in...
  • Moon and Stars Watermelon - Organic
    $5.00 Moon and Stars Watermelon - Organic
    95 day.  A large, old American heirloom watermelon that was almost lost.  One man saved this beautiful melon for all of us to enjoy.  The rind is dark green with a large yellow 'moon' and many speckled 'stars...
  • Purple Top White Globe Turnip - Organic
    $3.50 Purple Top White Globe Turnip - Organic
    45-65 day.   A beautiful and very popular turnip, favored for it's flavor by turnip lovers.  White with purple shoulders, it has a slightly sweet root that can reach 5 inches across.   Minimum of 200...
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon - Organic
    $3.50 Sugar Baby Watermelon - Organic
    84 day.  An Annie's favorite, it produces small icebox watermelons.  Deep red flesh with black seeds and a dark green rind.  It is sweet and juicy and a great choice for a small watermelon.  This...