Violet of Sicily Cauliflower *


68 day.  A strikingly beautiful cauliflower.  It is bright purple when raw and green when cooked.  It has a more delicate texture than most cauliflower with looser florettes, and the head has a flatter shape than most of the white cauliflowers.  Not only is it mild and delicious, it is really easy to grow.  I always have problems getting cauliflower to form a nice head, but Violet of Sicily always forms a beautiful head without any effort. 


Minimum of 100 seeds per packet.

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Violet of Sicily Cauliflower
Written by Melissa Carlson on 18th Feb 2015

We have grown this cauliflower two years in a row. Most of the heads grew to be nearly 15 inches across! Talk about having plenty to freeze for winter! Our cauliflower retained it's purple color even after steaming and blanching.