'Rainbow Bell Pepper Collection

'Rainbow Bell Pepper Collection

For the bell pepper enthusiast, this collection has it all.  California Woner is the only pepper intended to be picked green, though any can be eaten green if you pick them before they turn color.  If you let them mature, you'll have a rainbow of different colors.

10 seeds of each of the following varieties:

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Four out of Five
Written by undefined on 2nd Feb 2016

I purchased this collection and planted 5 pots of each of the 5 peppers. All germinated quite well except the Quadrato Rosso's. Out of the 25 seedlings, 20 sprouted, and ALL of the Rosso's were a bust. I will give it another week.

All successful
Written by Megan on 16th Jan 2015

I loved this pepper collection. Living in Michigan I worried that I wouldn't have a long enough season to get my peppers to turn color, but they all did great. All of the plants produced large quantities of large peppers, and I had chocolate, orange, red, yellow and green all at the same time. I will be growing them again next year!

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